Who We Are

We at the Forsyth County Tea Party are a group of people tired of typical politics and inaction that persists in our government. In the fight for limited government, we want to

  • Stop tax increases and lower existing taxes
  • Protect the family
  • Fight governmental corruption in our Community
  • Perpetuate traditional values indefinitely and reestablish lost values
  • Balance the budgets of our local, state, and federal governments
  • End the unconstitutional limits on the Right to Bare Arms

Why the Tea Party?

Since the initial protests against the disastrous “healthcare” bills in 2009, the revitalization of the Tea Party has fought against governmental corruption and overreach. The rise of populism in America is the continuation of that same frustration with the elites in DC, and Atlanta.

We stand vigilant with strength and courage to fight for the values others compromise on.

We continue the fight against corruption and government overreach every day. With your help, we are changing the trajectory of Forsyth County, the Battleground of Georgia, to define the future of this state and our nation.

What We Do

Participating in our community’s events is vital to staying in touch with the public, understanding what we all need, learning how we can help others, and spreading our message. Too often those who are supposed to be our community leaders operate in a separate bubble, shielding themselves from the consequences of their decisions. We support the leaders that serve us.

Our primary community outreach occurs at our monthly meetings. We listen to our elected officials and candidates for office to discern their intent. Come and ask community leaders the hard questions face to face. Meet like-minded folks that are fed up of just complaining online and want to make a real world change too.

Special events help us greet those who otherwise wouldn’t hear of the Tea Party and gather new support. We look forward to participating each year in the 4th of July Parade and the Cumming County Fair and Festival.

Stay tuned to our Events page to get details on upcoming events.

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